Product Concept

Through the centuries, honey was always a precious food, because of the advantage of its great benefits and unique taste. In some ancient civilizations, it was even used as a gift for their gods, and from there i was inspired to design a package for honey as gift.

Product Story

In “Mussafa”, we’ve selected one of the finest types of honey in the world, “Royal Yemeni Sidr Honey” as an essential ingredient for our products. That is because of the advantage of its great benefits and unique taste. Our products are packed in simple and elegant form, to share it with the one you love. They are also made of biodegradable materials, because we care about the environment

Package Design



The whole design of The package was based on geometry.  It was  designed to take the shape of the hexagonal honey cone. The led and the inside of the box was decorated using a pattern developed from a group of hexagons. A color palette of black, honey gold, and cream was chosen to reflect the concept of a precious and fancy gift.



The pattern was used in the insides to add beauty to the revealing experience, making it interesting and unforgettable.

The package is made out of paper, a biodegradable material to insure the safety of the environment .

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The first thing my group members worked on once they gathered at VCU was printing the stickers using the vinyl cutter. I joined them later to cut it and transfer it to the sticky paper.

We had a problem with the legos composition on the both paths because my team was confused and they unconsciously went back to the idea of putting too many legos, so they thought we need more legos. I still can’t understand why we need more legos. So sat with them again and restated what we agreed on the last time and reminded them that we are not doing the first ever idea. In this time the idea of reducing the amount of legos was not only to save them , but actually me and Nimrah deconstructed the siblings life path after the mother’s death. The baby brother in the beginning was lonely and the older brother never understood him, the baby struggled at the beginning so we placed the legos in the beginning of the mat. For the older brother who didn’t understand his baby brother but still had hard time because of the mother’s death, we put less legos. Then, the older brother starts to understand the struggle his baby brother was going through and here started the sacrifice part and we filled the path with legos according to our designed composition, and for the baby it started becoming easy once his brother started taking care of everything, only few legos were kept in his path.

The Railing

Once we discovered the problem with the railing Charlie thought about using the wood. We were hesitating about using it since non of us  have experience with it . But that was the only solution we thought about. We decided to risk and learn a new thing in one day and make it work no matter what. Charlie got the wood for us, it was rough so we had to sand it using sand paper. Using sand paper was not new for my group members but it was new for me. I learned something new. When we were done with the sanding we had to drill the parts together. Again, using a driller is not something familiar for us and it’s dangerous. We were not able to drill the nails, and the wood shop is not open in Saturdays. We decide to start painting the it.

We were inspired by the sky in one of the  episodes


We put it together, we asked for help from our friend Sultana from MFA since she has experience and more control of working with wood.


After finishing drilling it, we felt that it was not stable yet, there was a problem with balance. Sultana suggested using concrete to make a base for it. When heard that I thought it was impossible. How would we make concrete mixture by our selves? It’s not easy and it’s dangerous. Anyways I had to leave VCU because it was late at night,  Nimrah and Aaqifa were able to stay and work on it since they live in the dorms. They started it at Saturday night because it needs 24h to dry and we need everything ready before Monday.

New things we learned in one day !  

  • Vinyl Cutting
  • Wood sanding
  • Drilling
  • Making concrete.

Finishing Final tasks and test run

On Sunday we realized that when we remove the the mold of the block the railing is not going to stand. Charlie decided to keep the boxes and cover them with modroc. Me and Nimrah made the ropes and Aaqifa joined us later.

They painted the boxes using the same paint of the railing. Then we sticked the sticked the stickers. we changed the mat’s position and made it aligned with the glass wall in front of it because I found that the tilted position made the space tight and small for our class mates to be able to walk freely .

We made a test run with a timer to make every thing is working

Now our installation is ready for the presentation day 👍🏼


Presentation day & Reflections

I can say that the installation was successful.

Their was little confession for the first 2  pairs but then everyone got the instructions and it worked ! 😀 It was fun watching them struggling , but it was amazing how many of them just stepped on the legos anyway and focused on guiding their pair. I had a mixed emotions while watching them going through it, everything  happened according to the plan.

At the beginning i wasn’t completely convinced with using the glass wall, by the time i accepted it, but after reading what the students wrote i was amazed and thankful to Nimrah for suggesting this idea.

Some of the reflection described exactly how the relationship between the siblings was. And to be honest some mentioned stuff that we weren’t even aware of or planned to communicate to them, but it was delivered to them. We were focused on the idea of sacrifice, and the way we designed our installation made them experience all the feelings and thoughts o the siblings.

Now after working on this project, i can state that i understand what is Deconstruction, and what is Experiential design.

Reflection on my Team:

  • Understanding
  • Hard workers
  • Good listeners
  • Open for suggestions
  • Critique ideas and accept the critique on their ideas
  • Always on time
  • Inspire and get inspired
  • Happy and fun group of people

I was honored to work with them and learn from each other.

They were the dream team 😃 👍🏼


Planning for Materials and Tasks

The only material we had in mind from the beginning was the legos, but we were not sure about the railing yet , and undecided about the other elements, so we had a conversation on our whatsapp group to decide and divide the tasks .

These are just some photo examples

Summary of conversation :

  • Aaqifa and Nimrah thought about making the railing by recycling water bottles and using modroc to make it hard.
  • Aaqifa and Charlie were looking for places to find the right size of legos ew need.
  • Charlie will bring bottles and the slippers she had at home
  • I will go buy the legos
  • Nimrah and Aaqifa will bring the modroc
  • For legos and railing I wanted a calm and pastel colors not only because it was used a lot in the anime but also because it works with kind of soundtrack we decided on.
  • I thought that the pair should take off their shoes because shoes might break the legos, and that only the one is being guided will wear slippers  and the one who sacrifice should not, because that is something he is sacrificing to the other and he will go through the pain for him.
  • We discussed using stickers ( vinyl cutting) for the instruction stations.
  • Discussed the fabric source for blind folds.
  • Divided the tasks fro the week and the timing.

Building the Installation

We started working with bottles and modroc for the railing

I have no experience with modroc, it was my first time. I liked the idea of recycling bottles, i learned a new way to use bottles other than simply throwing them in the trash! We worked on  cutting the bottles, connecting them, covering  with modroc, drying then applying another layer. We finished the 2 supporting pieces of the railing in working day 1. The main piece was long, we did left the rest for the following day.


By the end of the working hours, i was going through my M&P folder and i found one of the scans that i used for my object poster which was a piece of mini puzzle mat. Then i got the idea of using puzzle mat instead of building a mat of legos. Because legos are going to slip and their stability on the floor  is not guaranteed, and we cant’s stick them to the floor since we are not allowed to stick such things, and by that we can control the amount and the structure of the legos more freely without worrying about connecting all of the pieces. My team approved on the idea, and puzzle mat was added to the list. We talked to the professor before the end of the class, there was one concern about the angel of the railing. If we are having an angle then we need a support for that part or the railing, and that will block the movement of the ropes! Our solution was to have a straight path. We do not need the turn anyways. If we need to keep a space between the paths and the wall we can have the mat tilted to the left.

On the next day we continued working on the railing. Nimrah and Charlie was on charge of that, me and Aaqifa did the blind folds together. Then all of us discussed on how to make the vinyl stickers for instructions.

when we were done with railing, we were thinking about what to use to connect hands with. We wanted to use a material of a ring shape or make that shape out of any material to insert it in the railing and tie the rope to it. Aaqifa thought about using curtain rings but where will we find ones that fit to human hands? We decided that when i go to buy the legos i will look for such a thing.

the one and only toy shop that had the kind of legos we wanted had only this kinds of rings. I was disappointed because i expected more from a toy shop. I got the legos and the puzzle mat and we started working on the paths.

We struggled a lot at this part because of the legos composition. My group members were still sticking to the idea of filling the entire path with legos, what they suggested was covering both paths then adding legos obstacles for the older brother’s path. I was against the idea because now we have the mat and we can be more creative working with the legos, but i kept quiet to see first wether it’s going to work or not. When they started doing that we ran out of long legos pieces, then they decided we need more packs of legos. At that time we had no transportation and we were not allowed to leave the campus because it was a full work day and we were supposed to have our materials ready. At the same time working on the lego mat was our plan for the day. Are we going to set still? NO that’s a waste of time, their solution was to work with the pieces we have now and when we get more we continue. I wasn’t happy with this solution, because i wasn’t satisfied with the idea of covering the mat. I suggested to make a system of placing the legos. It was unnecessary to cover the whole mat if we want the older brother’s path to be filled with struggles and pain. I suggested to keep empty spaces between legos so that we can save more legos. The first attempt the removed legos from the center and made wholes in between, the they separated big chunks from each other

I was just suggesting and i didn’t touch the legos because i was the only one who was against all the ideas of placing the legos and i didn’t ant to look like a bossy person who wants every thing to be done by her the way she wants. But then i realized that i was not doing them any advantage, so i decided to pickup the legos and do it myself. I placed separate pieces of the legos randomly on the mat, they were close at some parts and far at the others, I was thinking of a way to get the person step on the legos wherever he lands his feet.  By doing it we are keeping the appearance of our mat, saving legos, and still making it a difficult path. Because our classmates might act smart and simply avoid the pieces, we designed a method that would force them to always end up stepping on legos. We understand that randomness would never work, because we have learned that design is informed decisions, so we started informing our decisions and being more thoughtful about them.  First we scattered legos on the mat and Aaqifa walk, wherever she tried to put her foot we added a piece of lego there. Then we did a test run and it worked ! there was no way to escape legos unless you walk outside the path which against the rules.

Charlie started gluing the legos on the decided places, then i joined her to do so. Aaqifa and Nimrah were working with the composition of the legos on the the younger brother’s path. They decided to fill it with legos and make it smooth. Aaqifa tried walking on it and she found that it’s not painful at all, so they decided to continue with the composition. Again we went back to the same story of filling the mat and running out of legos. Again i suggesting breaking it down to parts, maybe 3 groups of legos , but Aaqifa suggested having the legos in the beginning only then leave the rest empty because the baby brother struggled only sometimes and not most of the time. We agreed on this idea and worked on it.


We Finally brought the railing to VCU. But is it strong enough ? We were worried because the way we designed the sacrifice path will obstruct whoever walks on it and then they may lean on the railing, and the one we made was weak. We thought about joining it with a building block using modroc. or any heavy base, but the problem was not only about it’s stability. it was about its rigidity as a structure.

How are we going to resolve this problem ? …….. つづく

Type – Final Project


Final Poster


While working on this poster i have realized the importance of the previous two projects, the (sentence and paragraph projects). For creating the compositions my decisions were informed and thoughtful from the beginning, it was easier because now i understand how to deal with type, the relationship between type and the page, i understand that type is O.Live.

In some experiments i used the ghost box, to test it  but i didn’t really need it since i had enough empty spaces to place my text.


This was my best experiment, the one that i continued working with to the final. I used the letters as a guide to align the text in the spaces i chose. I kept the same composition of the sentence and the paragraph that i used for my final pieces for the previous projects. The only problems i had were the size of the text and the composition of the logo.



Final Composition

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.46.10 AM.png



Reflection on type

Before takin the class, in my eyes  type was just a group of letters together used for writing words to put them in any thing printed or on a screen for people to read .Starting from the first project we did in this semester, reaching to this point, my understanding fro type has completely changed.

Type as Letter Forms

  • studied the letter forms anatomy to be able to differentiate between different  typefaces and understand and be able to lay the text down perfectly on the page. to describe them and communicate with other designers.
  • The differences between the Arabic letter forms and the latin letter forms and their type settings.
  • Considering the settings while using Latina and Arabic together since Arabic is lighter and connected.
  • The difference between the terms ” Typeface” and “Font”
  • The weight of the letter from on the paper change not only by changing the point size but also by changing the typeface.

Type as Sentences and Paragraphs

  • Type is O.Live, it needs to breath.
  • Controlling  the way people read the text by changing the point size, the colors, angles and the composition of the words.
  • Using kerning and tracking to adjust the space between the letters and words, and using the leading between lines to make it spaced correctly visually
  • Tuning the type by changing the number of characters per line.
  • Composing type on a page is an informed decision made by considering the type settings, margins, alignments and the size of the paper.
  • Learned the importance of grids, they are extremely important and helpful to break down the page and place type perfectly on it.
  • Using systems and units while creating compositions of type.
  • The Widows and orphans crime.


When we started the semester i was told that as as graphic designer my strength is in using imagery and type. I wasn’t sure about the importance of type, i didn’t even imagine that i can create posters and work on plain papers using only type.

Before this course i had no interest on type and  i thought of it as just a secondary element. Know, i believe that Type is a powerful tool. It has same importance as the images, and i started  developing more interest and respect to it.


Developing the idea 


We had our second meeting to discuss our idea and develop it. Aaqifa continued watching some episodes. She described her experience : ” While watching the events happening in the anime i felt like my heart was breaking, it felt like something scattering” so she suggested using glass and maybe broken ones for the installation. But because the glass might be dangerous specially if we want to use broken pieces, we decided to use transparent sheets. She also suggested using colored one and direct light on it so it would make beautiful and colorful reflections.


While thinking about the reflection, I thought about scratching the sheets or making some cuts on them so that we get beautiful shapes and patterns coming from the damaged sheets, and that how i tried to represent my understanding of sacrifice, in order for beautiful things to happen you have to sacrifice. And we thought about hanging up a paper on the wall or on a board that have a quote about sacrifice or even the sentence that i’ve said “in order for beautiful things to happen you have to sacrifice”. Then I thought maybe we should put this sentence in the middle of the path’s circle so they can read it while walking.  while thinking about the walking path of legos, Charlie brought up the idea of making another path of pillows. So, the one who choose to sacrifice goes through the tough path and the other one will walk on the soft and comfortable path. we met again on the next day before class to finalize our thoughts and have a better understanding before talking to the professors,. Then we went to look for spaces.

we thought about the FYI studio area in the second floor, because it has a wide space and we can use the ceiling to hang the colored cling film, also we can pull down the curtains and use the spotlights for the reflection.

Discussion with professors summary

  • The cling film idea is not really necessary to our installation
  • We are still not really considering  the kind of sacrifice between the siblings.
  • The older brother’s path (sacrifice) doesn’t have to be too much painful, maybe it should be about the struggle.
  • The younger brother struggled in his life and sometimes and it was not easy for him for the whole time , so his path can’t be completely comfortable and soft. Maybe we should make both paths made out of legos
  • We can make the big brother’s path harder by adding barriers or any kind of obstacles, maybe male a slope to make it harder to walk.
  • We discussed the use of type.

The Sacrifice in this idea was by giving up the easy path for your partner.

During one class of our other classes we were watching a tedtalk and Nimrah got inspired by the idea of having a board and letting people write their thoughts snd reflections about a specific topic. She suggested the idea to our group and they agreed on it. At the beginning i thought it was unnecessary, but then she explained that it’s a part of the interaction with our installation. That reason partially convinced me.

Next day in the morning we went together to the fin a new space for our installation. Now we no more need a good ceiling for hanging anything. All what we were thinking about is a good place where we can work with no interruptions.  We went to the second floor again but this time near the MFA Department, the area in front the kitchen.


We thought it was a good area because of the amount of the space and because people rarely come there, it is going to be quiet, also we can use the glass for people to write their reflection on it.

The next time we met with the professors we showed them the sketch of our installation of  how we imagine it and planning to do it. The sketch was done by Nimrah using sketchup software.

A question was brought up while discussing, which is : How are we going to show the connection between the people who are going to walk? because again we have to relate back to the story. We discussed it in one of our meetings that we will make the students hold hands, but i thought it might be uncomfortable or awkward for them specially that we have 4 males in our class, then Nimrah mentioned that we can just tell them to pair together, then Aaqifa and Charlie thought maybe we can use something like handcuffs or ropes. The other question was how are people going to be instructed? we were thinking about explaining to them, but then the professors told us imagine it as an exhibition, is there someone who tell you what to do in an exhibition?  Now we started thinking about having all the instructions around the installation.  Then we discussed the words we need for such instructions. Another question was that how to communicate the feeling of having big and baby brother?  i thought the hand connection and guide was enough, but then the professors asked us how are you going to show that one is guiding the other ? then Charlie came up with the brilliant idea of blind folding the one who will walk in the baby brother’s path.

We went back to our space and started thinking on how to put instructions, i thought about having stations with stands that shows the instructions. My group did’t agree at the beginning because of the space matter, then i explained that doing such a thing will not require much space, so we decide to walk around and think about the stations we need and were will they be located. Instead of having stands they suggested making stickers using he vinyl cutter, by doing that we will not crowd the space. we only need pedestals to keep the blindfolds.


Project 004 : Paragraph

Reflections on type

  • Guidance :

– After doing the sentence project, i’ve learned the importance of intentional decisions, but for some reasons i thought that i reached a level were i can just through anything on the paper and it would look good. While doing the experiments for this project, at the beginning i was placing the paragraph o the page by measuring  the margins and the space units visually using only my eyes but as i go on i realized that i’m not ready yet to do this perfectly, i need the grids and guides to help me with alignment. Also, making a units system to space the broken lies was my favorite part because it works perfectly

  • Indents and “Enter” key:

To separate two paragraphs why either use the indent or press the enter key to keep a space between them. My professor for one of the LAS classes last year made us use both to organize our essays. After type classes, this is not going to happen anymore!

  • Characters per line :

-Counting the characters before braking the line is a very useful method. It makes the braking decision easier and sometimes it help for making good ragging.

  • Tracking , Kerning, En & Em space :

– When i first learned Kerning and tracking it felt like magic, i was finally untied to the space bar, which is useless and to fix the space between the letters in the same word.

  • Justifying :

-Before this project, i thought that using justification is the magical solution for text problems. After going through all of this process and doing justified experiment i realized that it’s possible to have the rivers problems if we were not careful and trained to use it. Another thing with justification is that it makes the ragging looks more geometric, this is needed sometimes, but for a project like the one we are working on, we needed more organic ragging and the geometric appearance make it feel as if it was in a box. Justifying was not the right solution, i did it by counting characters per line.

Note: I’m still confused about my understanding and the information i learned during type classes. I have learned a lot and applied it to my work. But honestly i feel there is a missing piece from my information puzzle

Project004: Paragraph

Final Compositions 

I continued with the idea of summarizing the paragraph by emphasizing specific words. This is the RISK i’m taking for this project 👍🏼

In this version, i considered the number of characters per line to help me on breaking the paragraph, and create a natural raging that does not look justified. Also, considered the  space between the text and the edges of the page.

While working on it, i made some changes on the emphasized words to give it more meaning .

Version 1


Version 2


For the second composition, i continued refining one of the experiments


The one in the right was original version. Because i thought the second part of the paragraph was too close i decided to change its position.

I printed both of them and asked for feed back from my friend. We discussed how it’s easier to read in the original version than the other one. Also, it would be better if i move the author’s name to the bottom .

Final Compositions