Project 4|30secs Video|The Sea

Moving on

I went back to the idea of the lost me the lost line that doesn’t know what to do. But again I was stuck, I kept watching other videos to get inspired, then I froze. I was literally lost, no inspiration no idea what am I doing anymore. That’s how my freeze mood starts.

The amazing Sea

Frozen, lack of inspiration, stress, all of them came together. It’s time to go to the Sea for stress relieve.

Actually, what pushed me more to go to the sea was that for other 2 studio classes I was working with the idea of the sea. I love the sea more than anything else, and I was sure that this visit will inspire me somehow. I went to the sea, I sat and spent a long time watching the waves, the movement of waves was very satisfying. While watching, suddenly i saw the waves sparkling and shining with bright colors, it was the reflection of the boat’s lights, it was a magical moment. It had a mesmerizing effect, it took me to another world, that when i realized I have to use this for my video. The sea is a big part of this region and it’s history, and in relation to me, I visit it for stress relieve and relax, and that effect that it gave me on that day just proved to me how magical and amazing the sea is.

Making of the video

When my classmates saw the video they asked me how did i make the effects, my answer was: what effects?

This video was made using the original footage and that’s all. It was beautiful enough to be used as raw. The trick that i used was taking close up shots, very zoomed in shots. The wind and the engines of the boats helped a lot in creating interspersing wave movements., so i tried to collect all the movements which are closer to the boats.

Then i found a music that matches the aesthetic of the video and synced the footage pieces to it. The end part i layered the close up of waves with a normal shot of waves. I realized later that the lights reflected on the waves looked like lines, beautiful bright lines, they looked like what i imagined for the line idea that i had in the beginning! 😀

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 8.25.19 PM

Learning outcome

This video was made out of natural real life effects and tricks, I didn’t need to use the computer for this. I discovered that not only printed or physically produced designs like the zine, for example, can be made beautifully without using the computer and software’s effects, but also videos! things that live only on screens.

I enjoyed this project a lot, it was a good ending for the semester.


Thank you Law and Leland 😀


Project 4|30secs Video|Group feedback

I went with the idea of the line, a line that travels and takes different forms and shapes.

So I started looking for example videos

While the group feedback, my classmates suggested that i make this line travel and goes to places i went to , in an effort to create a story, then the professor suggested the kine could be me.I liked the idea of the line being me. At the same tim I was confused , so what will happen in the video?

I thought maybe now find the music. There is an audio piece that I really wanted to use, but there was no clean version with vocal removed so I spent so much time on editing it. What I liked about it how the energy gradually builds up, I can imagine many graphics being synched to this music working together beautifully. I really want to just create as i go, i didn’t want a concept. All the projects about concepts and this is my chance to experiment with this music.


Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 8.10.36 PM
Editing the Audio file



Presenting in class

When it was my turn, for some reason I freaked out, for 2 reasons, 1: I spent a lot of time watching tutorials on After Effects and i didn’t produce much work, 2:  my brain kept telling me that I HAVE TO have a concept, a deep one, maybe because as design students I was trained to think this way, that everything has to have a concept and a meaning and everything make sense that I forgot how to be experimental and just go simple. While looking at the line that I have created and thinking about my perspective and all of that, the idea of me being a third culture child crossed my mind and I thought this is what I should say. After showing my 6 secs video I explained this idea of telling this story through two line where each one represents one of the cultures that I belong to. I got such a useful and meaningful feedback from the professors, unfortunately, that was not what I wanted to do! I honestly don’t know why I said all of that.


Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 8.17.08 PM
The line video





Project 4|30secs Video|Ideas

When we were introduced to this project, the first thing that came to my mind was doing an experimental video. I wanted to try or learn something new. So I didn’t want to start by having limitations, instead, I wanted to look at the video references provided by the professors first. While searching I came across an interesting youtube channel ” PESfilm” (

I liked how they used random objects for tutorials that has nothing to do with these objects but it worked! the objects form or color at least were very close to the ingredients. That was really interesting.

My ideas

  • A line that travels around and takes different forms and shapes. The story: a line can be anything .
  • The Chimera (stop motion). I wanted to link the Zine project to this project because I really liked the information I gathered from that project.
  • Story of food, draw o them features and tell its story ( stop motion or normal video) or maybe objects

  • actually i”m interested in adding features to objects everyday objects and treat them like living things (especially the cars )  I thought I could bring the objects to life and make a story out of that
  • A tutorial of something using unrelated things ( inspired by PES)


Project 3|Zine|psot4|Making the zine

I was inspired by the composition of this zine :

I liked how they have the illustrations then the text goes at the top only, and they go inside boxes, something like a comic book. Also, i like how in some pages the illustration is just floating freely.

So i tried to do something similar

1st sketch based on the skeleton

The red background is the inside of the womb. After looking at the backgrounds for a long time, i felt something was off, They were very rigid, while everything else was freely living on the page. that’s when i decided to change them into drawn bubbles. Also, i experimented with some patterned or textured backgrounds, but i liked the plain one better because i didn’t want to take the attention away from the illustrations which are the main focus.

Feedback from classmates:

I always ask for friends feedback on my projects as I go, here i will mention the significant comments and feedbacks :

  • Kamla :

she commented on how my illustrations have rounded edges and “bubbly” and then there is the red background with sharp edges. she advised me to round the edges of the red boxes. Also, she commented on the pacing since i was confused about it, she told me that having sections in my zine with one of a different color is my pacing.

Hind Also made the same comment Unifying the edges.

  • Latifa: She noticed that my text was too small, and to make it easier to read i had etc fix the leading. Agin, there was a comment about the edges.  We were discussing the style and why would it be appealing or not. At some point i felt it’s not working, i kept thinking about people who are interested in medical stuff and why would they like this, then Latifa told me it’s a fanzine, you are creating it to introduce new people to this topic, people who are so into medical cases in deep way who read medical books already don’t need your zine to know about the topic. And they playful way i designed the zine is working to appeal people who have normal inters and make some heavy medical information more fun to read and learn about.
  • Afifi

When Afifi saw the very first sketch of my zine she told me “ the ugliest thing to do in life is to place black text printed on white paper on a red background” and she was right.

  • Maha Al-Sulaiti

I was testing the womb bubble on black and red paper, I liked the red on red, then i asked Maha for what she thought. She told me having the red paper is a nice change. it added more to the zine since most of the pages were black, and having it here makes sense because you are showing possibilities which is something to give attention to.


The reason why i used the black color because the case I’m talking about has a relative myth. I wanted to create a mysterious atmosphere that’s why i used the starts around the mythical creature Chimera, and the baby when he turned into a chimera. Also, i realized i did that because i had this kind of images stuck in my mind :


I wanted the medical cases page to be in the yellowish color paper like the medical books, at the same time I used the lines to keep the sketchy and illustrative aesthetic of the zine.



Use of articles

I mainly used my the longest article i had as the featuring article and used the others ones as support. The second article i used it to explain about the medical cases and the third one used it to explain one of the possibilities that happen during pregnancy. I put them all together as one narrated piece by the character that appears in the beginning and the very ending of my zine. And then i found an old avatar i created for myself in sophomore year and used it to represent me since it was perfectly matching the illustration style that i used for the zine.


Project 3|Zine|Post3|Zine Organization

when i started, i thought that i have to have a very concise text that’s why i highlighted some specific parts, then it turned out that i have to use almost all the articles. Although i think it’s a lot of text , but it actually gonna help me to redesign my order of laying out info and that narrative that im trying to create is going to be easier.

I want to use old medical books style because the topic is mysterious and that style gives that feeling but at the same time I want to juxtapose it with the illustration style which is playful and reflects me, this is how I add myself to the zine.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.14.09 AM

How I thought about dividing the zine into sections:

section one

is like a medical book ( explaining the Chimera)

section two

Medical record ( showing famous Chimera cases)

section three


For now, I decided to make the skeleton of my zine. I find it more helpful to plan everything out first and then start making. So i sketched my idea and organization of the zine first.

Project 3|Zine | Post2| New Topic


Changing reasons:

I changed my topic because the Kawaii objects collectors are something I have already made a project about for my interaction 1 project, and by using it again I’m not going to learn something new about a new topic, which is the best part of any project.

Couples of days ago, I was telling my friend about the human chimeras, and I thought since I’m very interested in this topic at the moment I thought it is a good choice for this project.

Arabic Zine

I decided to make my zine in Arabic for two reasons:

1- While searching for zines examples, i noticed that there are no Arabic zines! i tried to find some but i couldn’t find.

2- When i read about something I’m interested in, or when I’m in the “ gaining knowledge mood” i love reading in Arabic, it’s my mother language after all,  so all the articles that i will look at are going to be in Arabic and that what i will use.

I found some interesting articles and I remembered that before starting the junior year I’ve watched a video about human chimeras so I went back to it also.

I searched for photos related to the topic, that’s when i realized that i have to create the visuals of this project myself. The reason is that there are no visuals that explain the process of chimera creation, and most of the photos related to this topic are disgusting.

When i spoke to the professor he said that i could create my own visuals to express my own understanding for Chimeras and then communicate this to the audience.

I’m someone who is extremely into illustrations. In every project, i find a way to use illustrations an to learn and adopt a new style or use one of the styles I’ve developed and never got the chance to use it. For this project, I decided to use an illustration style and a character I’ve developed last semester to teach about chimeras in a narration style.

I decided to make my zine something like a storybook that narrates the story and the process of chimera creation and development.

Sarah E. Afifi and I were looking at some zines we got from Professor Nathan for inspiration.  They are a very nice example of using illustrations in